Gastric bikini line sleeve surgery

Gastric bikini line sleeve surgery – is a procedure, during which the volume of stomach is reduced by 70 percent. A surgeon desings a small stomach “sleeve”, a tube-shaped organ, the size of which is about 200 ml. Difference from gastric sleeve surgery is the place of incisions, gastric bikini line sleeve surgery’s incisions are made on bikini and is harder to notice. In addition to a gastric bikini line sleeve surgery, correction of eating and behavior habits is a must – patient must avoid high calorie beverages (milk cocktails, carbonated beverages etc.), eating in small portions of food is required, avoid eating and drinking at the same time, chew food properly. Eating five times during the day with smaller doses is recommended and also never lay down after meal. Patient must have 40 BMI or higher to qualify for this surgery.


Gastric bikini line sleeve surgery average price – 5.700 €

All shown prices are average. Exact price you will find out after consultation. Price includes: consultation, medical tests, medicine, overnight stay in the clinic.

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